A Werewolf Boy

This is the most successful Korean melodrama of all time, smashing all previous records.

Director JO Sung-hee’s graduation film, the post-apocalyptic ‘END OF ANIMAL’, stood out at the 54th BFI London Film Festival in 2010 for its odd but eerie atmosphere. For A WEREWOLF BOY, his first commercial feature, JO teamed up with KIM Soo-jin, the producer of THE CHASER, and the result took the box office by storm.

The film features two of the most popular young stars in South Korea: SONG Joong-ki has built a solid career across TV and film, while PARK Bo-young became her country’s sweetheart through the hit comedy SCANDAL MAKERS.

A WEREWOLF BOY is a touching and entertaining coming-of-age story depicting two young misfits finding companionship with each other.

Set in the mid-1960s, teenage girl Suni (PARK Bo-young) has just moved to a peaceful village. Hidden in the garden, is a veritable “wild child” (SONG Joong-ki) who can neither read nor speak and attacks whatever food is placed before him. He is a werewolf boy who lives in isolation. Suni and her family decide to take him in and the young girl begins to civilise the mysterious wolf boy with the aid of a dog-training manual and attempts to teach him human behaviour.

She opens her heart to the innocent boy who in turn is tamed and falls in love. Trouble begins when he is threatened and lets loose his bestial instincts, becoming the subject of the villager’s fears.

This remarkable entertainment features an undying love, suspense, a sci-fi mystery, tenderness, fur… and some very jagged teeth.” – Tony Rayns, Vancouver International Film Festival