The Berlin File

Having taken just under $50 million at the Korean box office alone, THE BERLIN FILE is setting new standards in modern Korean cinema across the globe.

The buzz around the film owes much to its stellar casting: four of the Korean industry’s hottest actors join forces to portray the pitting of North and South Korean agents in a European city with a history of espionage.

Add that together with undisputably one of Korea’s greatest masters of action films, RYOO Seung-wan (ARAHAN, CITY OF VIOLENCE and THE UNJUST) and you have a “BOURNE STYLE” stunning espionage thriller.

RYOO has said he also wanted the film to focus on the solitude and sorrow of those who live as secret agents: “During the height of the Cold War, it is said that 6 out of 10 people walking the streets of Berlin were spies. Although the time of tension has long come to an end, there still remains an air of tragedy from a bygone era. I wanted to tell the story of those who lead clandestine and dangerous lives with their identities hidden in today’s Berlin.”

The story of THE BERLIN FILE centres around an arms deal between North Korean secret agent PYO Jong-seong (HA Jung-woo, THE CHASER) and Arab terrorists which goes wrong when it is raided by the Israeli Mossad.

South Korean agent JUNG (HAN Suk-kyu, SHIRI) is staking out this deal and Pyo escapes his clutches. The North Korean is ‘a ghost’ – an unidentifiable operative who’s not listed on any intelligence database.

When a shadowy operative from Pyongyang (played by RYOO Seung-bum) arrives in Berlin with a secret agenda, Pyo instinctively fears the worst, and sure enough, Pyo’s wife (Gianna JUN, MY SASSY GIRL), is suddenly accused of being an informant for the South.

With all his adversaries closing in, Pyo plunges into deep confusion and his loyalty between wife and country are tested to the max.