Days of Being Wild

One of the most acclaimed masterpieces of modern cinema from one of Hong Kong’s finest auteur directors, WONG Kar Wai.

An outstanding ensemble cast are involved in a roundabout of fleeting emotions and unrealised relationships.

In the sweltering heat of a 1960’s Hong Kong summer, a layabout playboy Yuddy (Leslie CHEUNG), exercises his pastime of drawing women close to him then callously drops them at the last minute, under the emotional shadow of not knowing who his real mother is.

The narrative moves from one character to the next; from one of Yuddy’s jilted girls (Maggie CHEUNG) to the new attention of her affections, a beat cop (Andy LAU) and back again to Yuddy and his latest squeeze. All the while, maintaining an incredibly visually detailed recreation of that era.

This film marks the first in a long collaboration between Wong Kar Wai and acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

Exquisite cinematography and a lush, dreamy soundtrack, perfectly captures the mood of youth’s endless boredom over a long, hot summer.

Screening at the monthly TERRACOTTA FILM CLUB as an introduction to TERRACOTTA FESTIVAL the following week.