Drug War

This latest film by Johnnie To received a great reception when it was premiered at the 2012 Rome International Film Festival.

Superbly shot and with a strong script and it tells the story of a police captain and an arrested drug lord coerced to help smash a major drug ring.

When Inspector Zhang (SUN Honglei) is called to a hospital for a car accident case involving a man with chemical poisoning, he immediately senses something untoward about the patient. It turns out the patient is indeed a drug manufacturer, Choy (Louis KOO) closely linked to the notorious drug lord Li. To save his own neck, the patient, Choy agrees to help Zhang arrest Li by facilitating his disguise as a buyer in order to lure Li into a drug deal.

But in the seedy underworld of drug lords and undercover cops, trusting the wrong person could prove fatal.


Courtesy of Media Asia Distribution