Happy Together

The story of a gay love triangle slowly fragmenting and dislocating amidst the beautiful city Buenos Aires.

LAI Yiu Fai (Tony LEUNG Chiu Wai) and HO Po Wing (Leslie CHEUNG) are two lovers who decide to start over in Buenos Aires, but their non-stop ‘break up and make up’ relationship is unchanged and simply transplanted to another country.

After an inevitable separation, Yiu Fai, works at a tango bar to save up for the return trip home, and starts a relationship with the young Chang (CHEN Chang). When Po Wing is drawn back to Yiu Fai again, their lives are already so divergent, that we witness their relationship disintegrating slowly.

Another pairing of Christopher Doyle’s colourful cinematography with WONG Kar Wai’s existential, wistful style of storytelling resulting in a must-see modern Hong Kong cinema classic.