What would you do if the person that you loved most in the world turned into a monster right before your eyes?

This ultra low budget, multi faceted movie has won acclaim from a number of international genre festivals.

A young couple are plagued by a monstrous illness that threatens to tear their relationship apart. Every night, Yoshiaki has severe seizures, he screams in pain and feels as though something is trying to take over his conscience. As his condition worsens, his troubled wife Keiko does her best to stand by and care for him until Yoshiaki morphs in to a bloodthirsty monster.

The devoted Keiko can’t bear to see her beloved husband suffer and takes it upon herself to ease his hunger and hunt for him the human flesh that he craves.

Japan is amongst the most prolific film making countries on the planet. Japanese directors will often make several features a year that are usually low on budget but high on quality. HENGE is as low budget as a film can be but aside from the intentionally laughable special effects that would make an Ed Wood film look like Avatar, the story telling manages to be moving, thought provoking and chilling.