Karaoke Girl

Sa Sittijun plays herself in this part fiction, part reality telling of a young country girl working as a karaoke bar hostess to support her family back home.

The film threads memoirs of her countryside childhood with the complicated reality of her urban life. The 23-year-old Sa portrays a thoughtful and optimistic woman who is revealed to us in a blend of documentary and fiction, city and country, family and romance.

Peering through the lens of one woman’s real experience, KARAOKE GIRL humanises the reality of a class of our society which is usually painted as a flat caricature.

The actors’s message is that “everyone can start over again. It’s never too late.”

Director Visra Vichit Vadakan is one of a new wave of Thai artists passionate about their individual art, but also dedicated to shaping a community of young people who teach compassion and encourage social action through their work.