Love Me Not

Having been officially selected for a number of European film festivals LOVE ME NOT is a stand out indie movie from director Gilitte LEUNG.

The glorious cinematography and terrific performances from non-professional actors all unite in this sweet and daring portrait of blurred sexuality and the complications of love.

Aggie and Dennis have been friends since childhood. He works in a painting studio while she’s a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker. Both are gay. Aggie needs to find somewhere to live after breaking up with her girlfriend. The old friends become roommates and masquerade as a couple to avoid awkward questions from their families.

Aggie uses their unconventional set up as material for her screenplay and all seems to go well until Dennis announces an arranged marriage and Aggie starts to become jealous.

We are so used to seeing such slick, star-studded movies from Hong Kong that we would be forgiven for not knowing that it has a thriving indie scene that lacks the international exposure that it deserves. As a debut feature with unknown actors this film raises the bar for aspiring writers/directors.