Lovely Man

Young Indonesian director Teddy SOERIAATMADJA’s film features a strong performance from the lead actor, Donny DAMARA, whose portrayal of a transvestite sex worker earned him the Best Actor at the 2012 Asian Film Awards.

A Provocative and powerful film about a father-daughter story unlike any you’ve seen.

A 19 year old Muslim raised girl, Cahaya, looks for her long lost father, Ipuy, who left her when she was four. From a small village, she goes to Jakarta with only a photograph and an address. The search for her father leads her to a place called ‘Taman Lawang’ where she finds out that her father is now a transvestite sex worker. The story of this father-daughter reconnection unfolds in an eventful night full of emotion through which they open up about themselves and learn to love each other.