A former bordello hostess from the 1930’s is now a lost ghost in modern day Hong Kong. She enlists the help of a journalist to look for her lover who never showed up in the afterlife.

A multi-award winning adaptation of a novel by Lillian Lee, ROUGE is a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ style ghost story, set between two contrasting time periods.

Hostess, Fleur (Anita MUI) encounters the wealthy young CHAN Chen Pang (Leslie CHEUNG) and the two subsequently fall in love. Given Fleur’s background, Chan’s family disapprove of this mismatched pairing with a “flower girl”.

The two young lovers decide to take their own lives to be together in the afterlife and in true Shakespearean fashion, Fleur arrives in the afterlife with no sight of Chan.

Jump to modern day Hong Kong and Fleur shows up as a ghost at the office of a newspaper publisher, to place an ad to look for her lover. The Hong Kong Fleur once knew is of course now just a distant memory, replaced by new buildings and unfamiliar surroundings. Undeterred and spurred on by love, Fleur continues her search.

Stanley Kwan’s beautiful story telling coupled with two outstanding performances from Anita MUI and Leslie CHEUNG make this enjoyable to watch time and time again.