The Assassins


CHOW Yun Fat stars in this historical swordfighting epic tale of love, power and betrayal.

Set in 220 AD China. Chancellor Cao Cao (CHOW Yun-Fat) stands as the last pillar of power preventing the collapse of the Han throne. Emperor Xian (Alec Su) who sits on that throne, cares more about music and poems than his own power. Rumours abound that Cao Cao wants the throne for himself and that the Emperor is now plotting to assassinate his Chancellor. Someone has been secretly training an army of orphans for this purpose and now that the orphans are fully grown and ready, the struggle for Cao Cao’s life begins.

CHOW Yun Fat continues to remind us why he is one of Asia’s most bankable stars. This beautifully shot historical epic is full of action and emotion that will leave all audiences feeling more than satisfied.

If you liked Crouching Tiger… Or Hero then you will love THE ASSASSINS.