What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love

At a special needs boarding school, the students are like any other teenagers: outside of their visual limitations, they attend classes, pursue artistic endeavours, and occupy their minds with love and dreams.

Beautiful Fitri, 20 years old, is blind and has no shortage of male attention. She falls in love with a ghost doctor at the school’s swimming pool who turns out to be, unbeknownst to her, a hearing-impaired punk rocker who is masquerading as a doctor.

Her classmate, Diana, 17 years old is a myopic whose beauty-worshipping mother is obsessed with making her the perfect girl. While patiently awaiting signs of womanhood, she has a feeling for a new student.

Meanwhile, another student Maya, blind since birth, aspires to be an actress and performer.

Moving musical and cinematic soundtrack by alternative rock Zeke Khasel.

The first Indonesian movie selected for Sundance Film Festival, as part a of its World Cinema Dramatic selection and Winner of Rotterdam 2013 NETPAC award.