When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep

People have been saying WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP is the perfect date movie. Its vivid colours, lush set pieces and stop motion animation create a surreal, dreamy vision of Taipei.

Director Hou Chi-jan (ONE DAY) is marked as one of Asia’s directors to watch and this film sees him reunited with fellow rising star CHIEN Man Shu from his ‘Green Island Serenade’ segment from the Taiwanese short-film compendium ‘10 + 10’.

Tung (YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE’s KO Chen Tung) has moved to Taipei’s Nanyang Street, famous for being the home of cram schools, in search of his lost love. One day, he stumbles upon a simple illustration –The South Sheep Farm (literal translation of ‘Nanyang Street’), the works of a teaching assistant in a school. The author is a girl with big dreams but her “South Sheep Farm” series goes largely ignored.

Intrigued by the illustration, Tung scribbles a big wolf to begin a conversation between the wolf and the sheep. What was meant to be a joke causes a sensation amongst the students and residents in the area. Everyone joins in the conversation.

Taiwanese cinema is often lauded for its strong visual style and art-house credentials. This is a film that offers the best of Taiwan’s famed aesthetics married with a universal, touching, human story that will move and amuse audiences worldwide.