Young Gun in the Time

Director OH Young-doo has become an expert at defying budget limitations. A regular 0n the fantastic film festivals circuit with previous films, such as INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI.

OH won the Grand Prix at 2011 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival which enabled him to explore the sci-fi genre with a bigger budget and now the director returns with a quirky, time travel romp filled with sex shops, robot hands and Hawaiian shirts.

Detective Young-gun (HONG Young-geun) specialises in frivolous cases, due to his money woes. One day, a beautiful woman comes to his office and asks Young-gun to kill a man. Young-gun doesn’t want to become a hitman, although the money just might be an incentive. But before the detective has time to make up his mind, the girl dies in a car accident.

Traumatised over her death, he decides to investigate her background and gets caught up in an evil organisation’s plot to snatch a time machine.

The biggest surprises of this film are the humour and choreographed action sequences with one of the best fight sequences in a van you will ever see.

“Young Gun in the Time is a fun and slick neo-sci-fi noir from a filmmaker who clearly adores genre cinema.” – Pierce Conran, Modern Korean Cinema