Friday 7 June // Prince Charles Cinema

GILETTE LEUNG, writer/director of LOVE ME NOT, first established herself in artistic circles as a musician. In 2005 she shot the medium-length film, GROUNDWALK, which screened at gay and lesbian festivals in Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and Seoul. After two shorts I WANT TO MAKE A MOVIE (2009) and NAMELESS (2011), she shot her feature debut LOVE ME NOT. In addition to direction, she also writes, edits, and composes the music for her films.



Sat 8 June  // Prince Charles Cinema

An insider’s view on the directorial process of critically acclaimed Korean Action Director RYOO SEUNG-WAN, director of THE BERLIN FILE. Since taking the Korean film scene by storm with his ultra-low budget debut feature, DIE BAD, RYOO has been making noteworthy films in the action and thriller genre such as NO BLOOD NO TEARS, ARAHAN, CRYING FIST and THE CITY OF VIOLENCE.


LOVE ME NOT Q&A with Director/Writer GILETTE LEUNG // Friday 7 June


THE BERLIN FILE Q&A with Director RYOO SEUNG-WAN // Saturday 8 June
Terracotta Film Festival DAY 3-116


THE DANCER Q&A with Director IFA ISFANSYAH // Tuesday 11 June
Terracotta Film Festival 2013 - DAY SIX-110


POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO with Director EDWIN // Friday 14 June


Previous Years Special Guests

A large number of guests have passed through our doors over the years.
Highlights of these guests from the most recent editions include:

Jackie Chan (2010) – Award to highlight work as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
Guo Xiaolu (2012) – Director of UFO in her Eyes
• Masterclass on directing guerrilla style
Toshiaki Toyoda (2012) – Director of Monsters Club
Da Ching (2012) – Actor in Seediq Bale
• Acting Masterclass
Denden (2012) – Actor in Audience Award Winner 2012 Himizu
Tak Sakaguchi (2011) – Actor / director of Yakuza Weapon
• Action Directing Masterclass
Sam Voutas (2011) – Director of Audience Award Winner 2011 Red Light Revolution
• financing & producing indie films Masterclass
Rina Takeda (2011) – Lead actress in Karate Girl
Clement Cheng (2011) – Director of Gallants
• shoot your film in 18 days Masterclass
Xavier Jamaux (2009) – Soundtrack composer of Audience Award Winner 2009  Sparrow