Be My Baby

With a screenplay by award-winning dramatist Daisuke MIURA and directed by Hitoshi ONE (LOVE STRIKES!), this is a stand-out example of the recent trend in Japan for ‘workshop’ filmmaking; the film was made in just four days with a budget of under £10,000.

BE MY BABY traces the aftermath of a party attended by a group of drop-out twenty-somethings, all running into or away from flawed relationships. Rooms are dimly lit, floors strewn with trash, clothes grubby and unkempt; this is a gritty, smutty world populated by characters blithely caught up in a vortex of insecurity, betrayal, and manipulation.

Yet the lusts and lies that challenge them are universal, and their weakness in the face of them only too recognisable. This is compelling drama featuring tightly paced, intense performances by a brilliant ensemble cast.