A taut spy thriller starring CHOI Seung-hyun, a.k.a. rapper T.O.P. from super group Big Bang, as North Korean secret agent Ri Myung-hoon, undercover in a South Korean high school.

Imprisoned in a North Korean labour camp, Ri is offered a way out if he agrees to work as a spy. Leaving his younger sister behind, he heads South to track down a mysterious assassin picking off fellow agents.  Allegiances become muddied when he befriends bullied classmate Hye-in (HAN Ye-ri), but Myung-hoon is ready to do whatever it takes to see his sister again.

A topical storyline, with adrenaline-rush bike chases and hard-boiled hand-to-hand combat. CHOI Seung-hyun (T.O.P.) puts in a suitably moody performance and shows off some impressive action skills as a tenacious teen assassin.