Hapless ad agency employee Kiichiro Ota (Satoshi TSUMABUKI) is sent by his almost-namesake boss to take his place on the Santa Monica Advertising Festival jury. Lacking in confidence and English competence, Kiichiro drags along his brilliant colleague Hikari (Keiko KITAGAWA) for support.

Everyone is clamouring for the Grand Prix, and Ota, too, must win—or face the sack. But can honest-to-a-fault Ota overcome his misgivings and scheme his way to victory?

Larger-than-life characters, some light-hearted cultural stereotyping, and a dash of slapstick action keep JUDGE! perfectly balanced between the sentimental and the absurd, with a few brilliant ads to watch out for too. No wonder; screenwriter Yoshimitsu SAWAMOTO is a former leading ad planner while director Akira NAGAI has an impressive background in commercials.

Judge! will be followed by a Q&A session with director Akira Nagai.