Remote Control

A coming-of-age story which traces the blurred lines between reality and fantasy in a young man’s world. Teenager Tsog (Baasandorj ENKHTAIVAN) moves from the country to a makeshift home in the city, where he becomes fixated on an older woman, Anya (Nergui BAYARMAA). Desperate for a connection, he steals a remote control and begins to manipulate her television—and perhaps more.

The tensions in Byamba SAKHYA’s first feature-length film mirror those of Mongolia itself; the country is undergoing momentous changes in politics and economy, struggling to develop its identity in unfamiliar context. The city is filled with temptation for the naïve teenager; Mongolia, too, must determine which path it is to follow.

A thoughtful and award-winning film  which highlights the quality and creativity of Mongolia’s burgeoning filmmaking industry.