Snow White Murder Case

The devastating power of rumour in our super-connected age is thrown into relief in this contemporary suspense, based on the bestselling novel by Kanae MINATO, whose work was previously adapted in the award-winning CONFESSIONS.

The murder of beautiful Noriko Miki (Nanao) becomes fodder for today’s scandal-hungry media when newbie director and Twitter addict Akahoshi (Go AYANO), prompted by a tip-off that dowdy Miki Shirono (Mao INOUE) is the killer, begins an unofficial investigation.

Director Yoshihiro NAKAMURA (FISH STORY) blends multi-perspective story-telling, reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa’s RASHOMON, with multi-media elements—action is at times overlaid with a stream of hysterical tweets or interlaced with slickly judgmental tabloid TV spots—to create a film which builds to  its climax with careful pacing and subtle playfulness.