An involving action drama, from influential Hong Kong director Dante LAM (THE BEAST STALKER, THE STOOL PIGEON), set in the world of competitive mixed martial arts.

Disgraced ex-boxing champion, Scumbag Fai (Nick CHEUNG, ELECTION, EXILED) is chased out of Hong Kong by debt collectors. He starts afresh in Macau, where he meets two fellow life-beaten souls: struggling single mother Gwen (Mei TING), and Lin Si-Qi (Eddie PENG), a rookie fighter set on entering a lucrative MMA tournament.

Three down-on-their-luck characters try to turn their lives around in this drama-led tale about rolling with the punches and dealing with life’s bitter blows. Bone-crunching fight sequences are offset by warm offbeat humour, with a career best performance from Nick CHEUNG, who won Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2014 for his portrayal.