In The Dark

In his follow-up to the award-winning SELL OUT!, director YEO Joon Han has crafted a tense, unrelenting horror with enough twists to keep audiences guessing and gasping until the very end.

Joseph (WANG Po Chieh) finds himself plunged into a world of nightmares when he defies a fortune-teller’s prophecy and proposes to his girlfriend May (Jennifer FOH). She is soon killed in a car accident, and Joseph, distraught, teams up with May’s friend Vivien (Candy LEE) to reach out to May’s spirit. Instead, they stir up other demons better left in the dark.

Inspired by the question of why love turns to fear when confronted with the ghost of a loved one, YEO’s first foray into horror was part of the Paris Project 2010, under the working title BREATHE.

Courtesy of Media Asia International Distribution.