At the Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, our official Hub for the festival, not only will you be able to chill and have a drink , but you will also be able to check out our poster exhibition of “Taiwan Cinema: The Golden age”, a retrospective on the art-work of some of Taiwanese movies from the 50s and 60s.














A unique exhibition to tie-in with the festival screening of Forever Love, a romantic comedyby directors Aozaru Shiao and Toyoharu Kitamura which celebrates the heydey of Taiwanese-language films.

The film Forever Love (Friday 30 May, 15:30) harks back to this largely ignored or forgotten era, paying homage to some of these films and including actual footage from some of these titles. The festival organisers, in association with Chinese Taipei Film Archive, have sourced theatrical posters from some of the films which inspired Forever Love; they will be on display at our hub, Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, for the duration of the festival.

At the Terracotta Festival Hub, May 28 – June 1.

Don’t miss it!