A Thief, A Kid and A Killer.

An unlikely bond develops between a privileged ten year old boy and his captor in this bitter-sweet comedy thriller, starring rising Filipino actor Felix ROCO.

Little Maximo Rooney (Arvy VIDUYA), bullied and ridiculed at school, arrives home one day to find two strangers hiding in his apartment. Small-time thief Nico (ROCO) and his cousin Lloyd are on the run after a bungled jewellery heist, with two corrupt detectives in hot pursuit. Although separated by age and background, Nico and Maximo become firm friends. But with a handful of black market diamonds at stake and cousin Lloyd becoming increasingly twitchy, all bets are off.

Director Nathan ADOLFSON’S sharp script provides plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in an otherwise dark tale of despicable bullies and desperate pipe dreams.