On the Job

Prison inmates are hired by the government to carry out hits.

Dangerous inmates Tatang (Joel TORRE) and Daniel (Gerald ANDERSON) are granted temporary release from prison—but only to carry out traceless assassinations for crooked government officials before being returned to their cells. While Daniel seems to relish the violence, the older Tatang wants out; from the contract killings and from prison for good.

At the same time, high-flying young cop Francis (Piolo PASCUAL) starts to discover just how deep the corruption runs in his own department. The result is a compelling story, inspired by real-life scandal, which unfolds with unflinching brutality. Impressive cinematography captures Manila in all its vibrancy and seediness, while the pounding soundtrack reinforces the relentlessly paced action.

After impressing at Cannes 2013, a US remake is now on the cards.

On The Job will be followed by a Q&A session with director Erik Matti.