The acting debut of flame-haired Filipina singer-songwriter, Yeng CONSTANTINO, as Estela Alano, a directionless dreamer, who works the night shift at a dead-end call centre.

Estela’s tomboy slacker routine is shaken when she is assigned a mentor.  Senior Sales Agent Trevor (Felix ROCO) is smart, funny, and cute and the two quickly become close friends. Although Trevor is openly gay, Estela, ever the idealist, secretly falls in love with him.

A slice of vibrant, independent Filipino cinema driven by a natural chemistry between two likeable leads and a sharp script from writer/director, Siege LEDESMA. Scenes are punctuated with a quirky visual style that includes pop-up personal messages and texts, not to mention Estela’s fire engine red hair which provides a rebellious contrast to her bland call centre surroundings.