The sixth edition of TFEFF14 has now come to a close and organisers announce the following winners of each section, as voted for by the audience:

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Current Asian Cinema Audience Award: UNBEATABLE
Powerful and engaging drama set around the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Featuring a career best and award winning performance by Nick Cheung and directed by Dante Lam. Audience loved the combination of realistic fighting scenes from the MMA world, coupled with a heart-warming plotline.
Current Asian Cinema section showcased content from all countries of East Asia, all genres, headliners & discoveries. The 2014 line-up covered seven countries and included International, European and UK premieres.

The Terror Cotta Audience Award:  LESSON OF EVIL
Audience award goes to notoriously outrageous Takashi MIIKE’s blood-splattered high school horror.
The SOLD OUT horror all-nighter also featured KILLERS – A Japan and Indonesia co-production executive produced by THE RAID’s Gareth Evans. The European premiere of Malay horror IN THE DARK and Festival Guest Erik Matti’s vampire folklore action horror TIK TIK: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES

• ‘SPOTLIGHT ON: Philippines’ Audience Award: THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG
Cult documentary from Australian director Andrew Leavold about Filipino midget James Bond ‘Weng Weng’ and the history of the Filipino B-film industry from the mid-1970s
The ‘Spotlight On: Philippines’ section for TFEFF14 was praised by audiences and critics for the selection and presentation of Philippines cinema: a mix of entertaining and accessible content from the region, while representing a range of different genres.

The TFEFF Audience Awards are voted for by cinema-goers attending screenings at the festival. The festival organisers would like to thank the audience for their continuing support of the festival and for their positive comments on social network sites.

It was encouraging for the festival organisers to see that not only audience members came from all over the UK to attend the festival, but there were also many coming for the first time and expressed strong interest to come again.

Terracotta Festival organisers would like to thank sponsors and supporting partners: KLM, Mayfair hotel, the Japan Foundation, What is Bobo, eOne, Universal.
Festival organisers would also like to thank the special guests who attended the festival: Erik Matti (dir. ON THE JOB)), Seo Young-ju (actor MOEBIUS), Nathan Adolfson (dir. A THIEF, A KID AND A KILLER), Gene Lacson (producer A THIEF, A KID AND A KILLER), Andrew Leavold (dir.THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG), Akira Nagai (dir. JUDGE!), Yuki Ueda, Yuumi Goto and Sadaharu Matsushita (actors BE MY BABY).

Work has already started for the seventh edition in 2015.